Polythene Bags

We offer a wide range of sizes and different thicknesses of clear Polythene Bags. The bags can be printed with a logo or with a Safety Warning Notice.

Please advise the quantity, size and thickness for our quotation.


Polythene Mini Grip bags

We have many different sizes from 1.5" x 2.5" up to 15" x 20" and also with a write on panel. We also offer specially printed mini grip bags in larger quantities.


Polythene Refuse Sacks

Our stock sizes of black Refuse Sacks are 18" x 29" x 34" and 18" x 29" x 39" in a strong Linear blended material. They can also be printed with your logo or text in different colours of film for the bags as required. The minimum print is 5000 bags. Please advise your requirement.


Polythene Car Boot Liners

We can supply plain or specially printed Car Boot Liners in minimum 5000 lots. Printed liners are popular with Garden Centres who can specify an all over repeating print or a multi colour design.


Polythene Mailing Envelopes

We can supply clear or opaque Mailing Envelopes printed in up to 4 colours and with a self adhesive closure. Please advise the quantity, size and print required for our quotation.


Polythene Garment Covers

We supply 80 gauge side gussetted Garment Covers wound on to rolls with a tear off perforation in various standard lengths of bags. There are approx 1000 bags at 36" length bags on a roll or approx 500 bags for bag lengths of 72". We have other bag lengths and offer a printing service.


Polythene Sacks and Dust Covers

We supply heavy duty low slip Polythene Sacks in a wide variety of colours and sizes as required by the customers. They can be plain or printed in one colour with a multi colour design.

The minimum for printed sacks is 5000 lots. Please advise the quantity, colour, size and print requirements for our best quotation.

For Builders Rubble Sacks and also Painters and Decorators we also have polythene dust covers in large sizes of tough sheeting.


Polythene Pallet Covers and Top Sheets

Our Pallet Covers are either wound on to rolls with a tear line perforation or supplied as individual covers. A wide variety of sizes are available and also printing of company logos. The covers can be shrinkwrapped to form a tight pallet load and with low slip film helping to prevent slippage in transport or storage.


Polythene Stretch Film

We offer a stock size of stretch film in rolls of size 500mm wide x 300 metres long in 20 microns thickness. This clear and tough stretch film will secure pallet loads for despatch or storage. There are 6 rolls to a carton.

If you require a different size or specification please email your enquiry to us. We can also supply a hand-held film applicator with adjustable tension to apply the film more efficiently.


Polythene Sheeting and Tubing

We can supply a wide range of sizes to meet customer requirements. The film can be supplied as tubing, flat sheeting or centre folded sheeting for use on packaging machines. A wide range of standard colours is available and the films can have high or low slip characteristics or shrinkwrapped properties to suit the application.


Flame Retardent Sheeting to Spec LPS 1207

Clear Flame Retardent Sheeting for sectioning off work areas is also available made to the industry standard LPS 1207. The standard size is 2/4 metres wide centre fold sheeting by 50 metres long in 125 microns thickness.


Polythene Barrier Tape

Rolls of tape or sheeting from 1300mm down to 50mm in width. Rolls are normally 500 metres long and can be supplied in white or a standard range of colurs. Printing is in up to 3 colours on one side only. The minimum order quantity is 10 rolls.


PVC Stretch Film

Specialised food packaging films with high strength and clarity. Used in conjunction with food packaging machinery.


PVC Document Wallets and CD Pockets

We can offer many different sizes of wallets and other PVC products including plain or printed CD pockets.


Self Adhesive Tape

We can supply printed self adhesive tapes to personalize carton tapeing with a companies details in one, tow or three colours. Standard sizes are 25mm desk tape, 50 mm carton tape and 75mm wide for special applications.


Heat Sealing Machines



L Sealers and Shrink Tunnels